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Rope Rescue Technician

Employees of fire department, police, ambulance or other emergency services how preform specialized functions in an technical rope rescue team. 

In this training the technical rope rescuer is trained to safely carry out a rescue operations as a team. In the training, both individual skills and team skills are extensive addressed. Things that we thoroughly discusse are: legislation, international guidelines, knots, extensive loads and forces, building anchors, using pulley systems, use of tripods, climbing and descending, lowering and hoisting of rescuer and victim, use of different stretchers and  stretcher configuarties, move through manholes, victim care, building a horizontal span, situation analysis, incident management and various scenarios.

5 days

Entrance requirements: 
Successfully completed the course Rope rescue operator (5 days)

Rescue 3 International

This training is consistent with NFPA 1670 and 1006 standards for technician level.

Look here for dates of the training based on open enrollment.